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Riley Newman

Professional Pickleball Player

Riley Newman, 29, was born and raised on Whidbey Island, Washington and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. 


Riley comes from a family passionate about sports. He grew up in the middle of 5 sisters and 1 brother. He enjoyed playing basketball, soccer, baseball and tennis growing up. He continued his love for basketball and tennis where he earned a scholarship at a D1 college in Seattle, Washington.


Riley was introduced to pickleball in the summer of 2017 by his friend, former referee, Mark Cook. Since Riley played a very high-level of tennis, he became a natural at pickleball. Picking up a paddle and learning the strategy of the game wasn’t too difficult for the former D1 tennis player. Riley entered into his first 5.0 tournament with his sister Lindsey Newman and took gold in the mixed doubles bracket. Riley has been hooked on pickleball ever since and absolutely loves all the wonderful people he has met because of it. 


His favorite pickleball memory came in his third US Nationals tournament (2021) where Lindsey and him progressed so far in the tourney that they played on center court and won the mixed open Gold Medal Match. “The fans were so engaged and felt the awesome energy throughout the whole match”.


Riley plays with his Gamma Signature 206 paddle! His Gamma Signature paddle features a long extended handle that makes the paddle perfect for ex tennis players and for two handed pickleball players. 


Riley enjoys spending time with his family, attending professional sporting events, working out, and vacationing in his favorite part of the country (Pacific Northwest in the summer).




Riley Newman is currently ranked #2 for Men’s & Mix Doubles in the world! 

  • 17x PPA Tour gold medals

  • 5x Major champion 

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